Who is ‘The Fox Eyed Man’?

Who is 'The Fox Eyed Man'?

I am an activist who fights for human and non-human animal rights, equality and the environment, my main focus being veganism. My formal education is in the field of anthropology, so I am interested in the social aspect of veganism as a movement as well as wanting to educate others as to why the vegan lifestyle is so important. This is because veganism is actually a major factor of social, political, economic and environmental issues around the world, so it seems like a logical way to fight for a sustainable future. Of course this goes without saying it would bring an end to the suffering of billions of animals every year, and would put an end to the most environmentally destructive industry ever to have existed.

If you would like to learn more about environmentalism the way it should be, then check out my No Nonsense Guide for a rundown.

However, as an anthropologist I do not ignore the internal issues we have as a species, such as inequality and racial discrimination, the social issues we face today are an area of focus for my professional career as well as my life as an activist.

I try to be as active as possible, attending events and protests/marches, writing informative and educational material here on my site (and making sure to spread the word), and trying to raise money for those who need it (I am currently making a video game to raise money!). I am always happy to pursue new opportunities, and I am always looking for new ways to fight for what I believe in.

I started fighting for my beliefs through The Fox Eyed Man when I became a student and I realised that I couldn’t hold back my feelings about the world. The more I learned about humanity and how fascinating we are as a species, the more I felt ashamed that we have caused so much destruction. I want further generations to enjoy living on such a wonderful planet, so it only seems right that we should fight for what is right today to make sure that happens.

This website is hopefully going to be a place to share ideas about current issues, as well as a place to kick back and meet like-minded people. So don’t forget to subscribe to this website to receive updates for new content and you can also follow the Fox Eyed Man on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for further updates.

Thank you for your reading about The Fox Eyed Man, enjoy the site!