Guest Posts: Submissions/Requests

Guest posts are a great way to connect with new readers in your topic, expanding your audience and increasing the reach of your message. If you have similar interests or topics to this site, then submitting or requesting content could be a way to build relationships with like-minded writers and activists.

Submissions: What guest posts are we looking for?

This site is aimed at providing quality information and discussions about environmentalism, veganism, rights, social issues and activism, so content should be centred around these topics (see my No Nonsense Guide for an idea of the kind of content needed). I am not currently looking for anything specific within these subjects, so as long as your submission is good, it has a chance of being published here.

However there are some rules to follow:
  • There are no minimum or maximum word limits, but I usually like posts no shorter than 700 words and no longer than a few thousand words.
  • You must submit an author bio of around 100 to 200 words so that readers can see you are a real person, try and make it fun or entertaining! Of course you can add links to your Facebook or Twitter here too.
  • Links within guest posts should be limited to one or two (links to your own articles, bio etc.), I will check these links.
  • Your post should ultimately be helpful in some way, or at least have a clearly recognisable point. Otherwise feel free to be funny, creative, emotional, whatever.
  • Your blog should be properly established and feature quality content *(If you are a relatively new but truly passionate blogger trying to get started with your blog/site and this point worries you, send me a message first and we can discuss your ideas).
  • Your guest posts must not be published elsewhere on the internet or in physical print, including your own site. This is to make sure that all content on ‘The Fox Eyed Man’ is fresh and unique. I will take steps to check that the post is unique, and if I find that this agreement has been disregarded after the content has been posted, then it will be removed without notice and your details blacklisted. You may of course link back to the guest post, just not duplicate it.
  • You must be willing and able to respond to any comments or feedback you may receive from readers.

I will personally make editorial adjustments to your guest posts (images, spelling/grammar checks, formatting) and may contact you with ideas of details which could be improved or changed to suit the audience.

If you think you have guest posts that follow these rules and would like it submitted to The Fox Eyed Man for review, then use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send some info. Try to be as detailed as possible about your submission and use the subject heading ‘Guest Post Submission’, thank you!

Requests: Would you like to feature The Fox Eyed Man’s writing?

I would be happy to discuss writing guest posts for your blog or site, as long as our interests are the same. I am open to writing about environmentalism, veganism, rights, social issues, activism and more. Take a moment to explore the site and read some of my writing and if you think it would be a good addition to your blog/site. To request an article please use the contact form below to send some info, try to be as detailed as possible about your request and use the subject heading ‘Guest Post Request’, thank you!