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I started this project because I am passionate about the environment, and I want to fight as hard as I can for a fair and sustainable future. However, it takes a huge amount of time, effort and resources to keep the whole thing going. I have to balance this project with my studies, work etc. and so I need all the help I can get.

Just as a reminder, any funds created as a result of this are used solely to improve and grow the project, so by supporting me here, you can help spread the message of veganism, sustainability, environmental awareness, animal rights and so on. I will also try my best to update you all as to where the funds go, so you know how your contribution has helped. You can show your support by clicking the button below and choosing an amount to contribute:

HOWEVER, please don’t think I am just asking for your money. If you would like to donate then that’s great and I’m very thankful, but there are many ways you can support me here. First of all you can share the site! By sharing and recommending the site to your friends and family, the important messages and information can be spread much further, and will be very helpful in growing the project.

You can also support me on social media by following me, liking pages, sharing content and making useful, constructive comments. I currently have profiles/pages on:

Thank you for taking the opportunity to help me here, I really appreciate your support, and I will make sure to fight as hard as I can to support our sustainable future!