“I ate here because you offered Vegan options” Cards

Let businesses know that offering vegan options is worthwhile by leaving behind a thank you note! I’ve put together a super simple sheet of cards that you can print, cut out and keep in your wallet and leave behind in cafes, restaurants etc. that offer options for vegans. It’s a pleasant, simple and passive way to remind business owners that providing vegan options is worthwhile.

You can simply download the PDF below and cut out the individual cards or just use it as a frame of reference to make your own! I do recommend printing these on thicker paper or card, simply because they’ll be a little more durable, but if you keep them in a safe place, paper should be fine.

*I am also working on translating these cards, so click here for multilingual versions! If you would like to offer a translation then please use this page to contact me, thank you (you will be credited below of course).*

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Just click the image below to open the PDF, then print or save it to your computer.

Vegan Options Cards Small

Credit should go to Hans J. for suggesting multilingual versions.